Identity Solution


Our services include the supply of digital travel document’s system: the chip of our e-passport contains the same information as its printed version, plus a biometric identifier.
  • Blank eBooklets ICAO Compliant
  • eCovers 
  • Inlays for Polycarbonate Datapages
  • Enrollment Hardware and Software
  • Security Paper Intergraf Certified
  • Personalisation Services
  • Multiple Security Feature
    (holograms, inks, etc)


Our solutions for electronic identification serve to ensure the recognition of citizens and allow them to access public and private services. The service includes residence permit.
  • Blank eID-Cards ICAO Compliant
  • Inlays
  • Enrollment Hardware and Software
  • Multiple Security Features
    (holograms, inks, etc)
  • Personalisation Services


Our client’s safety is what we care the most: that’s why we studied the best security measure for our identity solution.
  • BLUE Code™ encrypted matrix code
  • Security OVD’s and DOVID’s metalized and non-metalized
  • 3rd Party Security Features